December 5, 2016
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Varnish Software Launches E-learning

We know that many of our customers are eager to learn more tips, tricks and how-tos in getting started with Varnish. At the same time, not all customers have the time to start by attending one of our face-to-face training sessions. Wanting to give customers as much support as possible, Varnish Software has decided to go live with our first e-learning course.
Now you have the opportunity to learn how to get started with Varnish from wherever you are with the launch of our very first e-learning course called "Getting started with Varnish". 
This self-paced course will allow you to fully understand the basic skills required to get started with Varnish and is also a foundation for getting the most from our classroom-based Varnish Administration course.
The engaging and interactive nature of the course will allow you to participate in the exercises and ensure you have fully understood the topics covered. The added flexibility of being able to revisit areas of the course that maybe of further interest allows you to control your learning experience.
To start your learning journey register here.