Varnish Cache 3.0.3

Yesterday we released Varnish Cache 3.0.3. It's been out as a release candidate for ages, well at least a couple of months and we feel pretty certain it is solid. Gold actually.

We have completely redone the way we build the packages. They are now being built by Jenkins so we now get packages on every architecture we support right away. This used to be a somewhat manual process. You can check out the public facing Jenkins intereface here.

There is a brand new ban lurker. 3.0.2 introduced a bug which created problems for those of you who do a lot of bans (hi David!). There have been patches available all along and we have been supplying some of you with purposely built packages but these are now available to everyone.

The TCP timeouts are now working properly

TCP timeouts. Finally send_timeout and its documentation are in sync. There is also the between_bytes_timeout which should be a sensible way to kick out any idling connections.
There are minor performance enhancements all over the place. Lots of crashes have been fixed. You can have a look at the full changelog.

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8/21/12 11:19 AM by Per Buer

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