Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation is here

To help ensure our customers and fans continue to discover the right products for the right job, we’ve made a few changes. The product formerly known as Varnish Hashninja will hereby be known as Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation.

Why the change?

It has occurred to the team at Varnish Software that many out there amongst the interweb have questions regarding what is Varnish Hashninja or what does it do. In order to ensure we aren’t one of those confusing software companies, and to ensure better search ranking for everyone, Varnish Enhance Cache Invalidation will now fly the Varnish Software flag and provide high quality, well, cache invalidation.

What does it do?

Quite simply put it does the same thing as before: high quality cache invalidation or purging of your Varnish Cache instances. It provides an easy-to-use API to purge web content in real-time based on arbitrary relationships set by your business, making it easy to keep your website updated on the fly.

What else has changed?

Refreshed product information

Varnish Software has been working hard to produce refreshed materials to support our products. Most notably is the change over of our old web based product information, to new, more relevant information. We’re working to produce new whitepapers too, so there’s nothing about what we create and how it’s created that can hide—get into the technical background so you can make your use of the Varnish product line even better.

New language options

Over the next few weeks, we’re rolling out new language options for our site. At this point we have committed to French (Français) and German (Deutsch). As you can see, we’re getting the hang of it already.


Check back from time to time for the aforementioned changes. If there’s something you’d like to see or would like to hear more about our Varnish Plus products, please reach out to us at We can even give you the keys for a test drive.

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8/1/14 11:19 AM by Scott Kircher

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