Allenta to present content access control tools at Varnish Summit Stockholm

We’re pleased to welcome Roberto Moreda, CEO, and Carlos Abalde, CTO of Allenta, to the Varnish Summit arena. They’re taking on Stockholm to show of theeir Varnish Plus technical ability for content access controls, often branded at Paywalls. Check out what they'll be presenting and their career path leading them to Varnish Summit, Stockholm 2014.

What will Roberto and Carlos present?

The presentation is going to show a brief journey of a typical access control (or Paywall) project for a large communication media company, from "we need a Paywall" to "here it is, delivered" using Varnish Plus. They will present their learnings from experience with real customers and how the devil is often found in the details for some.
Roberto and Carlos are looking forward to showing why Varnish Plus is a feature rich, super-flexible caching solution. The Allenta approach leverages these features to design and develop the best Paywall solution for environments where performance is key, moving the access control logic to the caching edge for unsurpassable performance.

More about Carlos Abalde

Carlos Abalde is the CTO of Allenta and responsible for technological development. His experience and interests are in scalable, highly available, fault tolerant system design and implementation. After several years as assistant lecturer at the University of A Coruña he joined the private sector designing and implementing the XMPP messaging backend of the main Spanish social network. Following that he was involved in several start-up projects and at this moment he and his team are leading several complex Paywall projects based in Varnish Cache.

More about Roberto Moreda

Roberto Moreda is the CEO of Allenta and Linux system administrator. The former doesn't impede him, so far, to act as the latter in the systems area of Allenta. At this moment he's interested in all things Varnish and on orchestrating things with Saltstack to make life easier for sysadmins.

Who is Allenta?

Allenta Consulting specialises in the design and administration of Linux and Unix systems infrastructure. The Allenta team consists of highly skilled technical professionals with experience working with top level organisations.

For several years they have been working with Varnish Cache as part of their catalogue of customer solutions. At some point, Allenta started to work with Varnish Software and became Integration Partner. Since then, there's has been a close partnership that has allowed Allenta to lead projects where deep skills in Varnish configuration and development of modules are necessary. Some of those projects focus in the access control to assets in the caching edge (e.g. Paywall systems).

Allenta is currently working in several access control/Paywall projects for top media companies in Italy, Ireland & Argentina.

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11/12/14 11:19 AM by Scott Kircher

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