Learn about excellence in content access control at the Varnish Summit in Paris

Allenta, represented by their CTO and CEO, will share their Varnish Plus technical expertise for content access controls, often branded as paywalls, as well as some insights gained through years of experience working with Varnish Plus. Roberto Moreda and Carlos Abalde will present a typical journey in a paywall project for a big communication media, from initial steps until the full implementation with Varnish Plus and what to watch out for when dealing with small scale details. They will also talk about how you can use the Varnish Plus paywall solution to implement access controls for all kinds of businesses, other than media.

Allenta’s unique approach to access control leverages all the Varnish Plus features to design and develop the best Paywall solution for environments where performance is key, moving the access control logic to the caching edge for unsurpassable performance.

Meet Carlos and Roberto...

Carlos Abalde is the CTO of Allenta Consulting and mainly responsible for development. His experience and interests are related to scalable, highly available, fault tolerant systems design and implementation. After several years as assistant lecturer at the University of A Coruña, he joined the private sector designing and implementing the XMPP messaging backend of Spain’s primary social network. Following that, he was involved in a number of startup projects and currently he and his team are using Varnish Plus to lead and complete several complex paywall projects.

Roberto Moreda is the CEO of Allenta Consulting and a Linux system administrator. The former doesn't impede him to act as the latter in the systems area of Allenta. His current interests are all things Varnish and orchestrating things with Saltstack to make life easier for sysadmins.

You can learn more about our partner Allenta.

Image (c) 2011 Anna & Michal used under Creative Commons license.

7/15/15 11:19 AM by Alexandra Lehner

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