How does the Varnish Paywall really work?

Our paid-content solution, the Varnish Paywall, has provided real value to our customers. Some of them have seen a fast increase in number of subscribers. Others have with the help of the Varnish Paywall implemented more effective gateways to their online content and seen an increase in traffic. 

But explaining how the Varnish Paywall works to our prospective customers has sometimes proved tricky as it it’s really a piece of logic in Varnish Cache that allows you to serve both open and restricted content directly from the cache.

Delivering restricted content - fast

With the Varnish Paywall in place your users get their requested content delivered really fast while you relieve your backend system of unnecessary load. And Varnish will also determine whether a particular piece of content is under access control and whether a user is authorized to view it.
These are some of the benefits. I still haven’t really explained to you how this works. To solve that tricky task we have created an infographic that we hope will make it easier for you to really get what is happening in Varnish once our paywall solution has been implemented on your online publication.

Does the infographic help you better understand how the Varnish Paywall works? If not, please comment to share where you feel we can do better.

You can learn more in our Varnish Paywall webinar.


Image (c) 2011 by Tom Magliery published under Creative Commons (CC) 2.0 license.

11/14/13 11:19 AM by Hildur Smaradottir

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