November 15, 2016
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Built for speed, Varnish Plus never slows down: Introducing the latest version


Varnish Plus is famous for high-performance content delivery: speed and resilience at any scale. But just because we’re already blazing fast doesn’t mean we aren’t always scoping out ways to gain even more speed and better performance.

In addition to the full complement of Varnish Plus features, the newest Varnish Plus iteration is packed full of performance enhancements. Leading the way, we’ve introduced highly scalable, intelligent TCP acceleration, which can boost speed in application and content delivery by up to 40 percent. No less important, though, are the new Varnish Plus features that let you power up your edge: with parallel ESI and Edgestash, you’re able to maximize edge-side processing to significantly improve mobile content delivery and personalization, which enhances the user experience and engagement.

Speed up your web & mobile

Two features help you power up your edge and inject speed, especially on mobile. These key capabilities are being rolled out over the course of the next few weeks as part of the newest Varnish Plus release:

  • Parallel ESI -- Addresses the challenges of web infrastructure scaling, enabling a web page to immediately seek out and fetch needed fragments all at the same time. The result is significantly faster delivery of updated web pages.
  • Edgestash -- Allows for rendering content on the wire by moving the page-assembly logic in the browser to the edge (server side). Client-side logic and page assembly can still exist, but when complemented with this kind of edge-side rendering, it becomes more manageable and high performance, especially on mobile.

In addition to these groundbreaking components, the latest version of Varnish Plus also introduces:

  • High-performance software load balancing -- Distributes web traffic requests among different servers to ensure high availability and optimal traffic management while avoiding overload of any one server and defending against denial of service attacks.
  • Dynamic backends – Makes cloud deployments easy by providing flexible DNS-driven backend definitions.

We’d also like to invite you to join our live webinar, 4 ways to speed your web & mobile, January 17th at 4pm CET/10am EST. In it, you’ll get a front-row seat to learning about the new Varnish Plus features and what benefits they offer.


Photo (c) 2011 Rool Paap used under Creative Commons license.