April 12, 2017
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Continually enhancing mobile web performance - every bit counts


Mobile web performance is key to meeting the accelerating proliferation of mobile as one of, if not the, most used devices in users’ hands. Cisco’s Visual Networking Index predicts that by 2020, smartphone traffic will even surpass PC traffic. While this inevitability unfold, another uncomfortable inevitability is the growing pains that go hand in hand with proliferation. Users expect instantaneous results - waiting time will drive users away: Google research concluded that “when your site or app is clumsy or slow, 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another site or app (...). In fact, of those who switch, 70% do so because of lagging load times.”

Analyst firm, Forrester, recently published a report on the top technologies to cure mobile performance issues. Their findings echo those of other technology firms and what user behavior itself shows: “Digital experiences on mobile connections suffer from performance issues, and impatient users compound the challenges that slower, intermittent mobile connections raise.” Your delivery needs to “dynamically adjust to context” to meet demands that it perform - fast and without suffering delays or hindrances.

Varnish Software has developed a number of different mobile-performance-oriented solutions, including Edgestash and parallel ESI, which support speed in assembling and loading mobile web pages, even when pages include a number of personalized fragments specifically targeted to the user. This makes some of the most popular types of business content (e-commerce and media) as well as types of content itself (images, videos) a lot easier for mobile to manage - all of which is nothing but good news for retailers, media outlets, video platforms - all websites really - but most of all for users.

Don’t give your users a chance to get bored and leave your site; get yourself optimized and create a great user experience on mobile.

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