Cybersecurity threats on the rise

It’s a given that almost every day, a new cybersecurity threat will make its way into the news. With more specialized and targeted attacks launching on a near-constant basis, security - and vigilance about it - remains high atop most companies’ priorities. The pace at which security threats arise isn’t slowing down any time soon. 

Industry leader Akamai recently published its summer 2018 State of the Internet/Security report, citing waves of “mega and repeat attacks” - including atypical attack methods, credential abuse attacks and more. And one of their findings shows that the good old distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is up 16 percent since 2017, and there are constantly new and more advanced DDoS methods being developed and deployed, including multivector reflection attacks with multiple, adaptive variants.

The level of complexity and sophistication behind these attacks and the rapidity of their spread means that companies need more than ever to proactively get out in front of security issues - building security into their architecture from the get-go. The approach needs to be security-by-design, not security-as-afterthought, as has often been the case. Security is business-critical and needs to be a constant risk-assessment focus, with companies thinking about how security threats may evolve.

We recently published our latest white paper on cybersecurity and how Varnish has always been firefighting against DDoS attacks and can also help you encrypt your entire cache and take other security measures to ensure that you’re ready for anything.

Learn more about building a security-by-design strategy and helping secure your sites and apps with Varnish - download the white paper.

Download the new white paper

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7/4/18 1:30 PM by Erika Wolfe

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