October 18, 2017
2 min read time

Take a free test drive: Varnish Plus Cloud on Google Cloud Platform


As more companies look to move their infrastructure to the cloud, Varnish too has gone virtual. Improving web performance and securing scalability and availability grow more important by the minute, but maintaining on-premise infrastructure isn’t always practical for every business. Serving up a virtual infrastructure that puts control in the hands of the user, Varnish Plus Cloud - now available on Google Cloud Platform as well as AWS and Azure - lets you flexibly manage how much memory, storage and CPU you use and scale the infrastructure up or down as needed.

But with these various cloud choices to make: which platform should you try?

To help you get a feel for how Varnish Plus Cloud could work for you, we offer an easy-to-install test drive of the Google Cloud Platform that’s available now at no cost to you. Installation should take no more than 10 minutes. It’s a good opportunity to test out in real-world conditions what Varnish Plus Cloud can do for you and to see how flexible the virtual infrastructure can be.

Watch the Google Cloud Platform demo to see how to get started with Varnish Plus Cloud on Google Cloud Platform.

Maybe your business has not yet embraced the cloud, or perhaps now it’s become clear that you need or want to move some of your infrastructure to the virtual realm. Getting started isn’t difficult, and offers flexibility for scaling up and down to meet your needs. 

Try Google cloud platform for free