September 13, 2016
2 min read time

Varnish Plus Cloud: In the cloud and in your hands - virtually

Cloud options make for more convenient and affordable solutions, particularly for small-to-medium businesses that cannot or do not want to invest in and maintain the hardware needed.

Opting for a virtual Varnish Plus

As many businesses and their functions shift into the cloud, it became clear that many small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could take advantage of Varnish Plus if it were available as a cloud offering. SMEs often express the need for Varnish Plus scalability, performance and support but do not necessarily have the budget to invest in the hardware expense required to deploy Varnish Plus onsite.

For just these kinds of situations, we’ve launched Varnish Plus Cloud for companies who want to improve their web performance and usability while opting for a virtual infrastructure that allows you to control how much memory, storage and CPU they use. So, to paraphrase an old ad campaign, it’s all in the cloud but is still in your hands (in that you control what you need and use but don’t have the all the cost and hassle associated with full ownership). Scale up or down your virtual infrastructure based on your website’s traffic patterns.

Varnish Plus Cloud offers all the same modules for performance, scalability, high availability, statistics, access control - and more - that Varnish Plus offers but with a lower barrier to entry and can be purchased and set up in minutes. Accessed via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace, Varnish Plus Cloud delivers secure, high-powered and scalable internet operations at an affordable hourly fee.

To get started right away, visit our AWS page. Or to learn more, watch our tutorial to help you get started. 

Photo (c) 2009 Daniel Spiess used under Creative Commons license.