Introducing Varnish Plus Open Partners

Our new partner program, Varnish Plus Open Partners (VPOP), is designed for system integrators or digital agencies that have customers with advanced web content delivery needs. If you are looking to help your customers with a successful deployment of Varnish Plus, but are lacking the Varnish expertise, this is the partnership for you.

After several recent conversations with prospective partners and working to establish a partner engagement model that will be a win-win for all parties, Varnish Software is pleased to announce a new type of integration partnership program. We're calling this VPOP, Varnish Plus Open Partners. VPOP is designed to be lightweight, making it easier and more accessible for organisations- system integrators and digital agencies for example- to work with Varnish Software and ensure a successful deployment of Varnish Plus on their clients websites.

VPOP eliminates the need to have in-house expertise, such as Varnish-certified engineers and a Varnish-trained sales team on-staff. This simplification means that VPOP organisations are able to bring the benefits of the premium modules of Varnish Plus to their clients and prospects via direct partnership and collaboration of the Varnish Software sales and technical teams without the requirement to build your own internal Varnish expertise.

How can you become a Varnish Plus Open partner?

The process around VPOP is simple. When you have a customer or prospect that would be suitable for Varnish Plus, contact me (david @ or reach out through our partner page. We'll review the prospective opportunity together. Assuming that there is a viable opportunity, I'll assign a member of the Varnish sales team to work directly with you and your client to ensure a successful adoption of the appropriate Varnish Plus solution. Working together, we'll bring the benefits of Varnish Plus to your customer providing them a scalable, robust and future-proof web presence while making you look good. Working with the Varnish team, you’ll gain further insights into our products, their optimal use-case and delivery, thereby strengthening your Varnish Plus knowledge and expertise. Additionally, we'll pay you a 10% finders fee upon the completion of the sale of the Varnish Plus subscription.

In the next few days I’ll be introducing our first VPOP partner-an exciting organization in NYC. We will also be sharing a bit about a large client of theirs who’s made the migration to Varnish Plus and illustrate some ways that this has impacted their business. Going forward, I’ll be introducing more partners as the VPOP community grows.

Let me know how we can help. We’d be happy to work with you in bringing Varnish Plus to your prospects.

Become a partner

4/23/15 11:19 AM by David Vogel

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