Meet us in London in November!

We are excited to announce that Varnish Software will come back to charming London this November for another Varnish Summit!

The event will take place on Thursday 26th November at the Brewery, which is located in the city center at 52 Chiswell street, London EC1Y 4SA.

We will take this opportunity to present you with fresh insights into all things Varnish, tips & tricks and latest updates. New features of Varnish Cache 4.1, including how Varnish can be used as a load-balancer will be presented. We will also demonstrate how you can future proof your API strategy and handle 23.000 API calls per second using the Varnish API Engine. In addition, the latest Varnish Plus features such as the SSL/TLS and its benefits will be highlighted. Peek into our preliminary agenda here to see more details.

At the London summit, you will also have the chance to attend a Varnish workshop - two sessions designed to cater to both basic and advanced use of Varnish will run in parallel. Last but not least, guest speakers will share their user experience with Varnish Plus and unveil some insights and best-practices.

The event also provides you with networking opportunities, to connect with peers and pick the brains of Varnish core developers.

As seats are limited, please register to participate. We look forward to meeting you in London!

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This image is (c) 2013 Martin Hesketh and used under CC license.

10/12/15 9:30 AM by Alexandra Lehner

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