September 4, 2015
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Thomson Reuters as a speaker at Paris Summit

The renowned company will share how Varnish Cache is used to power the flagship financial desktop proposition and achieve accelerated content delivery.

At Thomson Reuters, Eikon Reverse Proxy forms the entry point gateway for all web traffic entering into the Eikon platform, Thomson Reuters flagship financial desktop proposition. Powered by Varnish Cache, Eikon Reverse Proxy combines authentication enforcement with edge simplification to deliver a high performance conduit for accelerated delivery of content and services to their customers.

About the speaker

Sanjeev Ravindranathan who is the Senior Architect in Paris leads a set of capabilities that form the crossroads through which all of web service and content traffic is exchanged, both into and within the Eikon platform. His team is involved in all key architecture, infrastructure planning and in performance, resiliency related initiatives within the Eikon landscape. Prior to this, Sanjeev worked on the Thomson ONE suite of products within Thomson Reuters and also consulted at various startups.

 Image (c) 2014 Author Dalbera used under Creative Commons license.