April 12, 2016
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Varnish Administration Console - an update

We've just updated the Varnish Administration Console (VAC) to 3.2.0.


With this update we've added a couple of things besides the usual bug fixing.

A new role

We've added a third role, the user, that can be assigned to specific group(s).

With this you can have a separation within your organization among those who can perform actions in a specific group, like deploying and managing VCls and maintaining a given set of Varnish parameters, among others.

The administrator keeps the sames privileges as before.

Group resources can be hidden

We've added the possibility to make a given VCL private to a group, so other users who don't have access to that group will not see it. The same happens to the parameter set. If a cache instance is in a group, it is not shown or given access to a user who has no privileges within that group. 

How to take advantage of Varnish Administration Console

The Varnish Administration Console is part of the Varnish Plus offering. If you are interested in a trial contact us

Try Varnish Plus

You can also host a live demo of the VAC, and you can find out more here.

Check out the VAC demo


Photo(c) 2007 Karen Foto used under Creative Commons license.