Varnish Administration Console - "Cache Groups" sneak peek!

This is the last installment of the VAC sneak peak - introducing Cache Groups! 

This is perhaps the most noteworthy feature as it provides a single access point to a collection of Varnish Cache servers. For those that are familiar with the our service agreements or those that are familiar with the term “cluster controller”, you might have seen our WebGUI product.

The VAC is a proud decedent of the WebGUI project and it is deeply rooted in the idea of “cluster controller”. The VAC extends this idea via the Cache Group feature. This encompasses consistency checks, a VCL editor and an intuitive parameter view, to just name a few. The daunting task of figuring out which parameters to tweak for your group of Varnish Caches has just been made a little easier. 

We are extremely excited about our VAC release this Autumn, and we are proud to say that cluster controller is no longer a product, it is now a key feature in the VAC. This will form a solid foundation for the features to come.

Watch this space, follow us on Twitter, and stay tuned!

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9/19/11 11:30 AM by Yves Hwang

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