January 22, 2015
3 min read time

Varnish Administration Console just got better!

Today we announce the release of a new version of Varnish Administration Console (VAC), 3.0.3. as part of the our Varnish Plus subscription.

For those of you, who haven't come across the product before, it acts as a single point of control for simultaneous administration of all your Varnish Cache servers. Check out our product page for more information. 


What's new?

Varnish Administration Console, now supports both Varnish 3 and Varnish 4. Keep in mind you will need the caches that run different versions to live in different groups.

New features include new real time charts for your activity counters. Varnish Administration users can now retrieve data with no delay through the UI. Additional release details include bug fixes.

How to take advantage of Varnish Administration Console

If you have an existing Varnish Plus subscription, simply update your Varnish Administration Console package, and you will have the new version right away. If you don't have an existing Varnish Plus subscription, pleasecontact us for more information. 

You can also host a live demo of the VAC, you'll find out more here.

The Process

For the last couple of months, the team has gone through some changes, on-boarding new members, and working on relevant architectural changes in the way the Varnish Administration Console is built.

Despite a minor bump in the version number, some foundations have been lay down, to allow us to move faster, and reduce software release cycles.

Improving the existing processes, allowed us to increase the quality and reduce time to next release.

Some of our efforts was put in keeping our continuous integration running as smooth as possible. Also the use of recent technology as Docker has really helped us in scaling our integration tests.

The current Varnish Administration Console codebase is now quite stable, allowing new features to jump on board, quite easily. We are already working on future features!  But if you have suggestions of something that you would like to see in the VAC, please drop us a line. We'd be happy to hear from you. 

Final words are to Adeel, Marius and Maryam. All the effort and persistence made a huge difference in the VAC becoming a better product.