Varnish Administration Console - "Ban Management" sneak peek!

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes having long TTL objects in your cache is bad for business. In this instant-update era, Google+, Twitter or Facebook socialites crave the latest memes, while being repulsed by old contents - even if they are mere seconds past the use-by date. Enter purges and bans in Varnish Cache.

For those that are familiar with purges and bans in Varnish, Varnish Administration Console (VAC) now provides a quick way to execute and save bans.

Ban Management in the VAC leverages the bans mechanics in varnishadm and provides a direct access to execute ban in groups; that means the bans are carried out against a group of Varnish Caches. Ban expression is built by fields supported in VCL and the VAC supports the most commonly used fields - req.http.url, and obj.http.Content-Type.

The Ban Management also provides a “quick bans” mechanism for a hassle-free way of executing a ban. Furthermore, it can also be used for those that uses various other VCL fields in addition to the fields already mentioned. Bans are saved and can be reloaded at a later stage.

The VAC is launching this Autumn 2011 and look for us in the upcoming VUG4 and Surge Conference in Baltimore, MD on the 28th ~ 30th September.  Stay tuned for more sneak peaks!

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9/14/11 11:19 AM by Yves Hwang

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