November 28, 2016
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Varnish Audit: Optimizing Varnish Plus, how and when you need it

Often when you hear the word “audit”, something dreadful comes to mind… like getting audited by the tax authority. But sometimes, an audit can be a very good thing. At the very least, an audit keeps you on track, gives you guideposts to follow and gives you a good overview of your current and near-term situation. At most, you can use an audit to lay the groundwork for significant changes and improvements. And that whole scope is what we aim to do with the Varnish Plus Audit professional services offer.

Everyone using Varnish Plus has unique and different needs; often they have complex visions of how they would like to use Varnish but are not sure quite how to implement it. It’s these kinds of cases and projects where the Varnish Plus Audit offer is ideal. You get professional consultation for configuring and enhancing your Varnish Plus installation when and how you need it, whether you need to develop a new feature, enhance existing performance or use consultative support on a specific project or integration.

Open the Varnish Audit umbrella when you need it

Usually when the time comes to turn to Varnish Plus Audit, you’re probably fairly experienced with Varnish Plus already and have more advanced consulting challenges for us to tackle. We’ve dealt with complex Varnish problems, helped customer inspired to create new solutions using Varnish and delivered insights and answers when customers have posed intriguing questions. Our professional team of expert Varnish developers are on hand during your Varnish Plus Audit to work closely and collaboratively with you to get a real look “under the hood”, so to speak, to understand your needs, challenges and desired outcomes and work with you to devise a plan to develop and deploy whatever your selected solution is.

If it sounds kind of broad, it’s because Varnish Plus Audit can be broad - a lot of different things can fit under this umbrella. We can’t always predict the creative ways our customers will use - or want to use - Varnish Plus and its varied, flexible modules. But we can be there to help make whatever the implementation is a reality.

Make your Varnish vision a reality

The Varnish Plus Audit consulting package can be used for up to one year after the purchase date and can also be converted/applied to Varnish training courses. Depending on your existing subscription level, you can make use of the Varnish Plus Audit offer for between 5 to 10 days, on or offsite depending on your requirements.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping you make your Varnish Plus installation yours. Don't hesitate to send me an email to help figure out how we can be of service:

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Photo (c) 2012 Kieran Clarke used under Creative Commons license.