April 20, 2016
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Announcing the Varnish Cache Awards: Open for nominations!

Since the birth of Varnish Cache - ten years ago! - Varnish fans and aficionados throughout the world have been using Varnish Cache to innovate and create the tools and functionality they need. Flexibility is what Varnish Cache has always been about. We’ve always loved seeing users’ creations and results, and will now take that admiration a step further.

As part of our year-long, ten-year anniversary celebration, we’re introducing the Varnish Cache Awards, designed to recognize the best use cases of the world’s most popular web accelerator, Varnish Cache.

Nominations are now open for the 2016 Varnish Cache Awards.

Who should participate in the Varnish Cache Awards competition?

The Varnish Cache awards competition is open to all current Varnish Cache or Varnish Plus users. The 2016 Varnish Cache Awards will accept entries in two categories, with an award given for each: 

  1. Innovation: Most Innovative Use of Varnish Cache and VCL. Celebrating an unorthodox use of Varnish Cache to solve a particular problem.
  2. Value: Showcasing the best Varnish use case demonstrating the value gained by implementing Varnish from a technical and business perspective; how Varnish saved the most resources, i.e., time, money, number of servers, carbon footprint, etc.

What awaits the winners - and when?

Award nominations must be submitted by the June 20, 2016 deadline. Submissions will be evaluated and winners selected by a panel of judges. The winners will be announced on June 30, 2016. 

In September, winners in each award category will be recognized at an award ceremony in California, which will coincide with a Varnish Summit. The top winner in each category will be invited to the ceremony to share their award-winning stories.

One grand-prize winner will also receive a free one-year subscription to Varnish Plus, Varnish Software’s commercial suite of premium offerings and professional services.

Get nominating!

Get started! Think of your own killer Varnish Cache application or innovation and submit your award nomination today.

Submit your nomination!

Remember: entries are due by June 20th!

Photo (c) 2006 by ADoseOfShipBoy used under Creative Commons license.