Introducing Varnish Professional Services

Varnish Software now offers Professional Services worldwide. You may already be familiar with and be using Varnish, which we love. You may also have realized that Varnish has a lot of unique applications, limited only by your imagination and skill level with Varnish and VCL.
When the time comes to shift your Varnish development into high gear and create something innovative, different and bespoke, Professional Services is the next logical step. Professional Services offers you a unique opportunity to get expert, one-on-one assistance. Given by one of our consultants, who are also  Varnish core developers, there is no better source of Varnish knowledge, information, tips and tricks. 
As part of this new service we offer:
  • Expert consulting services
  • Onsite implementation of Varnish
  • Ongoing consulting for customer projects
  • In-depth technical review and health checks
  • Detailed recommendations for future-proofing
  • Pre-installation architecture review
  • Post-installation migration assistance
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7/11/16 1:00 PM by Raj Singh

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