January 4, 2017
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First opportunity to join Varnish training in 2017 is in Gothenburg

The Varnish Training Academy is coming to Gothenburg, Sweden and is the first "port of call" for the Varnish Training Academy in 2017. 
If you're new to Varnish or digging in a bit deeper, Varnish training offers a good opportunity to get hands-on with guidance from the people who develop Varnish from the ground up.
Don't miss out on this chance to work with our core developers, who will be able to answer all your questions and discuss your Varnish issues - and related matters, such as caching, administration and others - to help you achieve what you want to with Varnish. 
The training course in Gothenburg kicks off the training year for us, giving you a hands-on chance to test what you are being taught in real-time and discuss the results and challenges with the developer-trainer. 
The course offers:
  • Face time with a Varnish core developer
  • Varnish Plus Training instance
  • Varnish Administrator Certification 
For more information on location visit our website but remember spaces are limited - please register here.
When: 23rd & 24th January 2017, 09:00am - 17:30pm
Where: Redpill Linpro AB, Johan På Gårdas gata 5B, 412 50 Göteborg, Sweden
Varnish expert: Dridi Boukelmoune
Price: €750