Varnish coming back to Paris

We’re very excited to announce that we’re coming back to Paris for another Varnish Summit on 13th of October 2016!

This year we have again put together an exciting program for our French Varnish users and enthusiasts. Workshops and talks will cover how to set up automating tasks with Varnish Plus, tips & tricks on how to debug your Varnish instance, and an introduction to Varnish Massive Storage Engine 2.0. We will also share use cases of how other companies are using Varnish, for example to build their own content distribution solution.

Discover our agenda here.

Varnish home-brewing

There is no way around sharing beer stories with you. We can’t help sharing more about the fun stuff we’re doing in our office - beer brewing. We’ll tell some success and disaster brewing stories with you! After that you’ll be warmly invited to join us for a beer right at the venue - unfortunately not our own Varnish brew, but a nice sampling, nevertheless.


See you in Paris and make sure to get our super-early-bird discount!


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6/30/16 1:23 PM by Alexandra Lehner

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