Trade Me to speak at Varnish Summit NZ

We are very excited to announce that Trade Me will come and speak at the Varnish Summit in Auckland, on April 12th 2016!

Trade Me is the place where Kiwis buy and sell. Being New Zealand’s largest e-commerce site, the company has an average of 850k visitors per day.

In his talk, Ross Brown, Head of Systems Engineering at Trade Me, will share how the company uses Varnish in general and how they have used it to solve two specific challenges, namely migrating to a new storage backend for photos and using ESI to integrate an off the shelf CMS within the main Trade Me application.

Ross heads up the Systems team; wearing many hats, he is constantly trying to do more with less and automate all the things.

We are looking forward to hear it all from Ross! You can still sign up here to learn more and attend at the event.

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2/23/16 4:30 PM by Alexandra Lehner

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