March 15, 2016
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CacheFly Supercharges CDN with Varnish: Case Study & Webinar

If you’ve ever wondered how and why CacheFly, a world-leader in CDN technology, is the throughput expert, you now have your chance to take a peek inside their performance-driven approach to supercharging their offer and their continuous upping the ante on speed and delivery. 

Today we’ve published a case study with CacheFly describing CacheFly’s history and position as a leader in the CDN space and their commitment to never settling - they believe they can always be faster, more reliable and do more.

Powered by Varnish, CacheFly can now offer a supercharged CDN. CacheFly’s Founder and CTO, Matt Levine, joined us at the Varnish Summit in New York City to share more information about working with Varnish and about being the fastest CDN and how that works. At the summit and in the case study, CacheFly share how they have improved performance, saved resources and leveraged more granular control over caching to their advantage.

Don’t fret if you could not make it to the summit - the CacheFly case study is ready for immediate download.

Download the case study

You can also get a little more interactive: register for our joint webinar, “How CacheFly used Varnish Plus to future-proof their caching and CDN”, featuring CacheFly’s Matt Levine and Varnish CTO, Per Buer, Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 4pm CET/11am EDT.

Watch the webinar

Photo is (c) 2008 Jorge Correa used under Creative Commons license.