A peek into CacheFly’s CDNs at the Varnish Summit NYC

It is our pleasure to announce that our customer CacheFly will be joining us on stage at the next Varnish Summit in New York City on Tuesday, 15th March.

In a CTO-2-CTO Q&A session, Per Buer, Varnish Software’s founder & CTO, will discuss with Matt Levine, CTO at CacheFly, how CacheFly replaced their CDN caches with Varnish Cache Plus.

CacheFly deployed Varnish Cache Plus in 2015 to meet one of their biggest challenge, namely delivering massive amounts of content with no disruption.

Before implementing Varnish, CacheFly was the highest-throughput CDN in the world, but its caching solution held them back from deploying new, in-demand features. CacheFly needed a new way to future-proof development without hampering performance and end-user satisfaction.

Join us at the Varnish Summit in NYC and listen to CacheFly share their insights and experience with Varnish Plus. There are still a few tickets left, register now!

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2/16/16 8:53 AM by Alexandra Lehner

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