October 9, 2018
2 min read time

E-commerce in the cloud


We’ve reached that time of year when most e-commerce sites are finishing up their efforts to strengthen and secure their website performance before big holiday shopping kicks off in earnest. The frenzy is unpredictable - and no retailer, big or small, is immune. As more shoppers move online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and the shopping season extends to become a season unto itself, there are more unpredictable factors over a longer period of time, meaning that preparation, risk assessment and stress testing are essential. Many different stumbling blocks can get in the way of site performance and, ultimately, of capitalizing on major marketing campaigns you’ve invested in. The bottom line is that you may even alienate customers with your online traffic jam (they went online to avoid the crowds!), keeping them away not only during the holidays but later, too.  

With this busy time looming, and your code freeze probably already implemented for the 2018 shopping season, it is nevertheless valuable to know that you can turn to the cloud if quickly need to ensure better, more reliable web performance, need extra capacity, and need to be able to scale up or down based on demand - and not have to bring in extra hardware or excessive expense to get this extra ‘insurance policy’.

Of course the cloud is a flexible means for getting more capacity on the fly and discarding that capacity when you don’t need it any more - and nowhere is this more felt than in e-commerce.

On October 16th we are hosting a webinar, “Moving your Varnish infrastructure to the cloud”, which goes into the step-by-step of how to get your caching infrastructure moved to AWS. Whether you are curious about how to migrate, or you just want to learn more to consider your cloud options for the future, please register and join us to find out how easy it is to get Varnish going in the cloud.