Five reasons to love Varnish this Valentine’s Day

Varnish is for lovers of flexible solutions for creating high-performance, scalable websites. It’s for lovers of open source and for taking advantage of the freedom to create your own unique solutions.

Maybe you already love Varnish Cache, VCL or are just getting to know us. This Valentine’s Day, we want to share the love – here are five good reasons to love everything Varnish.

  1. A performance-enhancing drug: Varnish is like a performance-enhancing drug for endurance and power...  only it’s perfectly legal and a whole lot more controllable. And once you’re hooked, you’ll want everyone to know about Varnish. As a performance-super-charging complement to your business-essential installations, tools, platforms and content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress, Magento, Adobe - among many others - Varnish is a valuable addition to your strategy for driving, accelerating and ensuring website performance, stability, scalability and content delivery.
  1. “The Swiss Army Knife of HTTP”: Building on what Varnish can add in loads of combinations and configurations and solutions that users created - not just stuff we dreamed up - we’ve often referred to Varnish as the “Swiss Army Knife of HTTP”. With the virtually unlimited flexibility of VCL, the power to do almost anything HTTP you can dream up is in your hands. This naturally leads into the next point…
  1. Solutions to real-life performance and content distribution challenges:

The list could go on because Varnish Cache and Varnish Plus are capable of handling and doing some big things in terms of safeguarding and boosting performance.

  1. The cool kids are doing it: Once you’ve discovered Varnish you feel a bit like you’ve been inaugurated into a secret club where you’re not just cool but smart. We’ve seen users bend, twist, shape and sculpt VCL to fit their unique needs - and we love this. The spirit of invention and experimentation is alive and well. Sometimes, though, putting bright minds together creates even more magic. With Varnish Plus, the expertise of the Varnish core developers becomes available to help contribute to solutions for your most complex and tricky VCL challenges and push your VCL to its limits - which are virtually unlimited.
  1. Brewing the good stuff: We brew a lot of ideas, and we brew a lot of beer. Not all of it is successful, but we take chances. We like to experiment. Our small size and agility gives us this flexibility - and the sense of fun, energy and creativity we put into our software development boils over into our robust, growing brewing activity. Whenever we can, we like to share the brew with you - whether that’s when you come to meet us at one of our frequent, global Varnish Summits or just when you visit our website and find a recipe for our favorite beer.

Wishing you a happy, high-performance Valentine’s Day!

Photo (c) 2011 clogsilk used under Creative Commons license.


Topics: VCL, Varnish Cache, HTTP, brewing

2/12/16 2:00 PM by Erika Wolfe

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