March 23, 2013
2 min read time

Flying without turbines: Compiler-less Varnish Cache

Varnish Cache uses the gcc compiler by default. If you need it to run without the compiler, for whatever reason, we can provide you with a version of Varnish that does not have that requirement.

With some modification and tweaking of the code a compiler-less Varnish is actually possible . Such changes are not standard at all, and are not really supported by Varnish out-of-the-box.

As our business grows we meet more and more customers with no-compiler policy requirements. This is quite common for governmental organizations and companies in the financial sector around the world. For this reason Varnish Software has created a version of our software that runs without a compiler. This has obviously some limitations, but nothing that our support team cannot help you overcome. This build is only available to customers with a Gold and Platinum subscription.

This packaged version of Varnish Cache ensures that the provided VCL configuration matches the built-in configuration. This will allow you to use Varnish Cache without the gcc compiler dependency, while keeping the flexibility our software provides and is well-known for.

If you have questions regarding this build or need a quote for it, you can contact us or send me an email to

Wonderful picture by Noel Reynolds found on Flickr under CC-BY-2.0.