March 8, 2016
5 min read time

#varnish10years - "Swiss Army Knife of HTTP" winners are...

Varnish Cache is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and as a part of the festivities, we launched a competition to shine a spotlight on some of the superstar uses of Varnish Cache. There was some tough and creative competition, but we’ve identified our winners!

These lucky (or maybe it’s more talent than luck) winners will receive our branded Varnish Cache Swiss Army knife and, of course, our thanks and admiration for pushing Varnish Cache to new heights, lengths and into new territories.

We’re happy to announce that the winners are:

#1 Going green from 46 to 5 servers

#2 Optimize image delivery and reduce costs in your e-commerce website infrastructure

#3 Migrating from a CDN to Varnish

#4 Seamless storage backend migration and optimization with high hit ratio

#5 Web architecture optimization from 12 servers to 4 (2 caches + 2 backends)

#6 serves +100K Drupal and WordPress sites with Varnish

#7 Varnish making Drupal fly at

#8 La Nación implemented their signwall and paywall effectively using Varnish as an integration point for authorization, authentication and single sign-on.

#9  GeoIP traffic routing and advanced caching invalidation

#10 Varnish makes a DevOps happy and saves their ass thrice a week!

If you have yet to hear from me, don't hesitate, I'll reach out to you and make sure you get your prize! If you can't wait feel free to send me a tweet :-)