VarnishCon this week in Amsterdam!

On Friday this week we will be in the heart of Amsterdam to meet the European Varnish user  community.

Almost all tickets are gone, but you still have a change to get your ticket at

The full and detailed agenda is available here

We have quite a few interesting talks lined up and are lucky to have great speakers from the Wikimedia Foundation, Telefónica Research, Cedexis, Acquia and many more:


  • Emanuele Rocca, Wikimedia Foundation
    Scaling with Varnish Cache
    An outlook of how the biggest community-driven, non-profit site on the web uses Varnish to scale.

  • Poul-Henning Kamp, Varnish Chief Architect
    Keynote: State of the Varnish Nation

  • Jeremy Blackburn, Telefonica Research / / projects
    Measuring HTTP/2 adoption and performance
    Can Web Quality of Experience measurements show whether humans perceive any difference with or without the new protocol?

  • Lasse Karstensen, Varnish Software
    An update from the Release Manager: What to expect in 5.0 and beyond.

  • Devon H. O'Dell, Fastly
    High-End Varnish Fixing: Debugging issues and fixing bugs on large scale installations.

  • Dridi Boukelmoune, Varnish Software
    HPACK vs. Varnish Cache
    : Bringing HTTP/2 into Varnish one step at a time

  • Julien Coulon, Cedexis
    CDN Evolution: From Static Objects to Hybrid Private and DIY setups.

  • Nils Goroll, Uplex
    You can dance with master: using unreleased Varnish code safely

  • Niels van Mourik, Acquia 
    Acquia takes the juice out of Drupal 8: Cache Tags & Varnish


See you in Amsterdam!

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6/14/16 8:03 PM by Rubén Romero

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