Improved Varnish Custom Statistics - now with UI

Today we announce a significant upgrade of Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS). With this release we are bundling a whole new UI, that can help you understanding more about the HTTP traffic that flows through your Varnish installation.

Zero configuration, immediate real-time data.

VCS itself, hasn't changed the way it works, it will continue to provide a reliable source of data from your HTTP layer, in real-time. Out of the box, without any configuration or VCL changes, you immediately get relevant metrics on your data.

The flexibility of logging all HTTP traffic layer in real-time

VCS allows you, to pick the data you want to collect, by simply adding a key into your VCL in Varnish. Data is stored in memory, in time series, which allows all for quick and informative real-time analysis. We can also use leverage data in your applications using the REST/JSON interface that you've learn to rely on. With this, VCS can be used as a source to populate whatever existing system you have.

The new UI

With the new UI we supply an entry point for all the VCS data. The UI displays insight over the preconfigured keys, and also allows you to query a any extra keys that could be configured in VCL. 
A live summary show the changes in the top url’s and hosts, and extra data is displayed based on the zero configuration setup :

  • Top URL's that are being requested by clients connections

  • Size of content

  • Slowest/fastest url

  • Page errors

Try it out!

VCS is part of our Varnish Plus subscription, and works with Varnish 3.0, and 4.0. If you would like to try it out, contact us, or request a Varnish Plus trial.

Topics: VCL, Varnish custom statistics

4/28/15 12:30 PM by Hugo Cruz

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