August 12, 2016
2 min read time

Webinar: How to identify issues in Varnish & track web traffic stats in real-time with VCS


Much is said about real-time data - its value and importance, but unless you have the data - and immediate access - the value can go unrealized. More businesses (and, in fact, entire business models) have come to rely on hot data to understand their customers and continually analyze their own performance as well as the performance of their tools/platforms.

Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS), our real-time statistics application, offers performance and user data, meaning you get immediate insight into where you can enhance and optimize the performance of your Varnish installation as well as insight into what users are doing with your content. Ultimately, though, VCS is truly unique because it lets you control exactly what you want to track in real time without using any third-party vendor or cookies… and of course, it being Varnish, it’s a high-performance solution.

If you’re already a Varnish Plus user, we want you to get the most out of VCS. If you’re not a Varnish Plus user but are looking for a way to gather powerful, real-time insights without introducing third-party solutions to your stack, Varnish Plus with VCS has a lot to offer.

During our live webinar, How to identify issues in Varnish and track web traffic stats in real-time: Getting the most out of Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS), on September 8, you will gain practical insight into:

  • How to get started with VCS
  • Using VCS for retrieval of business intelligence
  • Using VCS for immediate identification of technical and performance issues
  • Tips and tricks on making the most of VCS

We hope you will join our engineers, Hugo Cruz and Reza Naghibi, to learn what VCS can do for you.

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