May 22, 2019
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Varnish Live: Performance monitoring at your fingertips

Varnish Live Mockup Mobile

One of the most important things any business needs is to understand how its service is performing. If you already use Varnish, you’ve probably enjoyed real-time performance monitoring with Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS). But you might have wondered why it hasn't been available to you on the go.

If you don’t use Varnish already, but you do require real-time insight into your web and app performance, you’ll appreciate that Varnish gives you all the information you need - now instantly available to you in app form.

Varnish Live Mockup Mobile

Pulling real-time performance metrics and stats from within the Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS) module within Varnish Enterprise, the new Varnish Live mobile app lets you monitor your Varnish instances and web performance from anywhere you happen to be.

(*As a must-have add-on to Varnish Enterprise, Varnish Live is only available with Varnish Enterprise subscriptions.)

Across industries and use cases, Varnish Live delivers immediate graphic visualizations of your traffic, letting you see clearly exactly how your traffic and performance are at a glance.

The graphical interface lets you instantly identify patterns and detect problems proactively. Like a check engine light in a car’s dashboard, you get an instant warning when you need to troubleshoot or take action.

Varnish Live:

  • Delivers real-time statistics and data, pulled from VCS

  • Delivers real-time insight on your content delivery performance

  • Delivers key stats about your traffic, relevant for video streaming, e-commerce, and all industries that rely on high-performance content delivery

  • Gives a clear visual picture of performance

  • Warns about potential issues, i.e. peak in error rates, bandwidth dropping

  • Lets you monitor your entire Varnish cluster 

  • Gets key metrics from all of your edge locations, applicable for all your servers

Knowing that web performance is mission-critical, real-time monitoring possibilities at your fingertips - wherever you happen to be - should be your go-to first line of defense.

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