Using VCS & DataDog to identify real performance issues: Guest post

Anders Nordby, Web Operations Specialist with the Møller Group in Norway, wanted to integrate Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS) with the DataDog IT monitoring and data visualization solution and wrote a blog to share how easy and useful it has been to identifying trouble spots and issues in real time.

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06/10/16 09:00
by Anders Nordby

Varnish Custom Statistics and the world

I quite like the Varnish Custom Statistics, the idea behind it is super simple (aggregate data about classes of requests) and yet, its use cases are extremely diverse: people use it to monitor most requested URLs, to watch for brewing backend issues, to do A/B testing, or to create image walls to show the most read articles (here's the article about how it's done).

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30/08/16 13:00
by Guillaume Quintard

Configurable real-time stats with Varnish Administration Console


A couple of years ago we introduced the real-time statistics API with VAC. Varnish Cache provides a lot of statistics on website activity; however, in order to obtain this information it must be pulled from each server manually. Additionally, they are not available in real time. Meanwhile, Varnish Administration Console provides valuable real-time analytics across multiple instances.

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18/05/16 13:30
by Maryam Mehrabian

Varnish Software Blog

The Varnish blog is where our team writes about all things related to Varnish Cache and Varnish Software...or simply vents.


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