Varnish Custom Statistics and the world

I quite like the Varnish Custom Statistics, the idea behind it is super simple (aggregate data about classes of requests) and yet, its use cases are extremely diverse: people use it to monitor most requested URLs, to watch for brewing backend issues, to do A/B testing, or to create image walls to show the most read articles (here's the article about how it's done).

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8/30/16 1:00 PM
by Guillaume Quintard

Webinar: How to identify issues in Varnish & track web traffic stats in real-time with VCS


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8/12/16 12:00 PM
by Erika Wolfe

Improved Varnish Custom Statistics - now with UI

Today we announce a significant upgrade of Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS). With this release we are bundling a whole new UI, that can help you understanding more about the HTTP traffic that flows through your Varnish installation.

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4/28/15 12:30 PM
by Hugo Cruz

Using Varnish Tools to visualize your most popular content

We just love it when our customers use our products in innovative ways that really help them create business value. One of the most recent examples of such use is how our customer (Norway’s most popular internet news provider) is using Varnish Tools in combination with D3 to visualize their most popular online content.

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3/7/14 2:00 PM
by Hildur Smaradottir

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