October 1, 2018
2 min read time

Move your Varnish infrastructure to the cloud


It seems like we’ve been hearing cloud-cloud-cloud for so long already that you’d think we’d be completely saturated by cloud computing by now. And while it has continued its steady growth, there is still capacity for much more. A 2018 IDG study on cloud computing found that while a whopping 73% of companies (and growing) report using at least one of their applications in the cloud, most who are not counted in this number plan to introduce the cloud to their infrastructure within the next year. 

Survey respondents also report the intention to spend more, to dedicate a larger percentage of their IT budget to it, and many in IT even feel internal pressure within their companies to migrate completely to the cloud. 

Those who have made the move use a mix of cloud delivery models, including SaaS, IaaS and PaaS; roughly half those polled were using multi-cloud strategies to keep their options more open and to ease possible disaster recovery.

These are just the key findings of the IDG report but on the surface alone, the results indicate that the cloud model (in whichever form it’s deployed) is not going anywhere.

Cloud up your Varnish 

With this ubiquity and growth, it makes sense that Varnish has been available - both the enterprise and open source versions - in the cloud for some time. It’s easily accessed via AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Azure, and we thought it might help to deliver an introductory webinar to help you get started with Varnish on AWS, moving your Varnish infrastructure over to the cloud. 

In the webinar we’ll cover the normal stuff: the benefits and flexibility of cloud computing’s elasticity - being able to scale up and down on the fly according to your needs. But we’ll take it a step further going into a bit more detail about the differences between enterprise Varnish Cache and open source Varnish Cache in the cloud, how to set it up on AWS, how to add and remove servers as needed, how to set up S3 with authentication and access policy and how to access technical support from Varnish engineers.

Don’t miss out - sign up now to learn how to move your Varnish infrastructure into the cloud. The live webinar takes place on Tuesday, October 16th, at 4pm CET/ 10am EDT.