Duplicative work is never a good idea. Especially not if your job is to ensure that your organization delivers content as fast, efficiently and securely as possible. If you are using Akamai and Varnish in combination for this purpose, your days of being frustrated by the fact that you have to manage your cache in two places (e.g. when changing your cache TTLs and purge settings) are over.

The Akamai Connector for Varnish was developed to manage your cache settings using the language you are already familiar with - VCL. Through its seamless sync between Akamai and Varnish, the Connector will dramatically boost your day-to-day productivity and efficiency, saving you both time and effort.

Stay tuned as we move towards making the Akamai Connector for Varnish available to the world. Meanwhile, if you are a user of both Akamai and Varnish, I invite you to participate in the Early Access Program which gives you access to the product before it is launched to the wider market. Feel free to submit your request for participation here.