Why use Varnish with Akamai?

Since launching the Akamai Connector for Varnish we have heard the question a number of times: “I don't use Varnish, but tell me why I should. What is the benefit of using Varnish with Akamai?"

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10/12/17 11:29 AM
by Erika Wolfe

Multi-tiered caching made easier

Duplicative work is never a good idea. Especially not if your job is to ensure that your organization delivers content as fast, efficiently and securely as possible. If you are using Akamai and Varnish in combination for this purpose, your days of being frustrated by the fact that you have to manage your cache in two places (e.g. when changing your cache TTLs and purge settings) are over.

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3/15/17 3:40 PM
by Hildur Smaradottir

From the Varnish Lab: Akamai Connector for Varnish

Most of our customers use a content delivery network. Quite a few of them are using Akamai, and over the years we’ve helped them integrate Varnish with Akamai to ensure that the two work together as effectively as possible.

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2/6/17 2:00 PM
by Reza Naghibi

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