Two-Minute Tech Tuesdays - Built-in VCL

This week’s episode of Two Minute Tech Tuesday explains how the built-in Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) works. The built-in VCL is VCL code that is executed by default, even if you don't write any VCL yourself.

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11/23/21 9:00 AM
by Thijs Feryn

Two-Minute Tech Tuesdays - Grace Mode

This week’s episode is about Grace mode, Varnish’s interpretation of stale-while-revalidate.


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8/17/21 4:20 PM
by Thijs Feryn

Two-Minute Tech Tuesdays - Varnish Configuration Language

This week’s episode is about VCL — the Varnish Configuration Language — which is used to define your own caching policies in Varnish Cache and Varnish Enterprise, and the number one feature in Varnish.


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8/10/21 11:08 AM
by Thijs Feryn

novcl: an alternative to VCL

If you've read a few of my blog posts, you probably already know I love the VCL (Varnish Configuration Language) idea, big time. Being able to change the processing logic via code opens a world of possibilities and makes pretty much all other tools feel constrained in their configurations. But...

But, well, VCL is code, and code is scary to a lot of users, and I can understand when you begin with Varnish and only have very limited configuration needs, VCL can feel complicated and some would prefer a simple, declarative language. The good news is that it's totally possible, let's see how we can help!

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2/6/19 1:30 PM
by Guillaume Quintard

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