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Uncovering 3 "hidden" VMODs

Varnish Cache and Varnish Plus can both be extended by Varnish Modules, or VMODs.

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11/07/17 12:45
by Arianna Aondio

Three must-haves for mobile optimization

According to a Cisco forecast, by 2020 global mobile traffic will bypass desktop traffic, projected to reach 30.6 exabytes, approximately 30 billion gigabytes.

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01/06/17 13:20
by Arianna Aondio

Authentication made easy

These days, almost nothing happens online without authentication. It goes without saying that it has become extremely important. Whether you run a very small internal website or a huge e-commerce platform, it’s almost a guarantee that you will have an authentication layer somewhere in your architecture. The reason is simple: you don't want just anyone to be able to change or access the content or your web application layer.

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18/04/17 11:32
by Arianna Aondio

Varnish Configuration Language: VCL snippets

The Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) is a small domain-specific language designed to be used to define request handling within Varnish. It is extremely flexible and allows you to let Varnish do exactly whatever you want or need it to do.

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08/03/17 13:30
by Arianna Aondio

All things Varnish related

The Varnish blog is where the our team writes about all things related to Varnish Cache and Varnish Software...or simply vents.


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