Rackspace as a guest speaker at Boston summit

We're excited to announce that Rackspace US, Inc. is joining us and will be our guest speaker at the Varnish Summit in Boston, on March 21st.

Rackspace is using Varnish for various commercial web properties, including www.rackspace.com.

In addition to the caching and HTTP handling Varnish provides, Rackspace uses Varnish largely for the comprehensive testing infrastructure provided by varnishtest to ensure business-critical web traffic management operates as expected, and at peak levels, with a hit rate of more than 90% across multiple properties.

David Porter, Tech Lead and Software Developer at Rackspace, will talk about "leveraging the power of Varnish Configuration Language and varnishtest" and share VCL development practices centered around the powerful varnishtest utility and other software development lifecycle (SDLC) conventions that are being adopted by Rackspace for any VCL project.

If you're interested, you can still sign up to participate.

See you in Boston!

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3/6/17 8:24 AM by Alexandra Lehner

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