MaxCDN re-routes inbound traffic With Varnish

Did you know that MaxCDN uses Varnish to handle one million vhosts?

Here is how it works:

Varnish can be treated like a layer-7 router, making intelligent decisions based on key properties of an HTTP object, especially the ‘HOST’ header. With a key-value store, this can be mapped in ways to allow inbound traffic to be re-routed based on a combination of properties about that object, and can be done in milliseconds, even at the scale of millions of vhosts.

Nathan Moore, Principal Architect CDN, explains at the Varnish Summit in Los Angeles how Stackpath (formerly MaxCDN) uses mod_kv_store - a customized vmod - to power a highly scalable and adaptable architecture. 
Stackpath is a content delivery network provider, focusing on reducing latency of rich-content delivery.

Watch the full session here!


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8/16/16 10:19 AM by Alexandra Lehner

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