Are you running Varnish optimally?

Are you running Varnish optimally?

Do you know how to replicate cached objects in high availabilty clusters? How about your content delivery strategies - are you building your own private or hybrid solutions? Or maybe you are currently using Akamai and would like to learn more about our latest integration solution, which aims at reducing duplicative work while ensuring more consistency between Varnish and Akamai cache layers?

With the Varnish Summits coming to Boston, here is a unique opportunity to learn from the experts about the latest releases, tips, tricks and interesting use cases with Varnish Plus. Our core developers will speak about Varnish's flexibility and versatility and guest speakers will share how the different Varnish features may be used to improve business, based on their own experiences. 

Regardless of whether you are a new Varnish user or already an experienced one, there is always new knowledge to be assimilated in our fast-moving industry and we will make sure that you have updated your Varnish skills by the end of the day!  

We look forward to meeting you this March!

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2/20/17 3:49 PM by Alexandra Lehner

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