Meet Varnish in Copenhagen in April!

Varnish Software is  coming back to Copenhagen! We had so much fun last time that we’re hosting the next Varnish Summit in Copenhagen on April 21, 2016 at the Carlsberg Museum & Business Center.

Our summit program includes technical sessions and tips & tricks into using Varnish, for example how you can test your site with Varnishtest, how to customize Varnish with VCL (Varnish Configuration Language) and how to avoid the most common mistakes in configuring and implementing your own Varnish instances.

We will also talk about Hitch, an open-source TLS/SSL proxy, that enables secure encryption for your traffic while using Varnish. Also on the menu is Zipnish, a tool to profile your microservices. You will be able to learn more about persistence in the Varnish Massive Storage Engine 2.0 and the Varnish API Engine, which is capable of handling 23,000 API calls per second.

And no Varnish Summit would be complete without sharing our soon-to-be-legendary Varnish Software home-brewing process, where we will talk about our brewing success and disaster stories. After the event, you will be invited to join us for a Carlsberg and Jacobsen beer tasting - tried and true brews that won’t be as experimental as trying out our Varnish beers!

Registrations for the Varnish Summit are officially open; sign up here to get your ticket to this must-attend event.

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3/21/16 2:39 PM by Alexandra Lehner

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