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We are excited to announce that Varnish Software will be hosting another Varnish Summit this autumn, in Amsterdam!

The summit will take place on Thursday 5th November and what venue would be more fitting than Heineken’s oldest brewery, the unique Heineken Experience located at Stadhouderskade 78 in the city center.

What’s on the agenda?

We are still working on the details of the agenda but we have some hot topics lining up for this summit. The program will include some deep insights, tips and tricks into using Varnish Cache, for example how you can stress-test your installation and how you can use Varnish as a load-balancer. We will also demonstrate how you can future proof your API strategy and handle up to 20.000 API call per second using the Varnish API Engine. At the same time, we will highlight some of the benefits of Varnish Plus, such as its latest addition SSL/TSL. All this will be presented by our core developers and Varnish Software’s Founder and CTO, Per Buer. In Amsterdam, we will also be offering you the possibility to actively participate in break-out sessions that will cater to attendees that are new at using Varnish as well as a technical session for the more advanced users. And after the event you are invited to join us for beer tasting and networking.

Is the Varnish Summit for you?

Does your company rely on web for business? Then the answer is definitely yes! And if you are already a Varnish user, you will get the chance to connect with our core technical team and network with peers.

Registrations for the Varnish Summit are officially open now, sign up here to get your ticket to this event! Subscribe to the blog to stay tuned for news on the Varnish Summit in Amsterdam.

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6/25/15 12:30 PM by Alexandra Lehner

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