Varnish Summits around the World

We are ready for 2016! Varnish Software is going to tour around Europe, the US and Oceania for our Varnish Summit event series and to meet Varnish users and enthusiasts around the world.

After a successful event series this year, we were extremly pleased to see that people found the Summits refreshing and insightful; one of our participants even blogged about what he took away from our last event.

When & where?

Save the dates for our first Varnish Summits in 2016!

February 11th: Berlin, Germany

March 10th: San Francisco, USA & 15th: New York City, USA

April 7th: Sydney, Australia & 12th: Auckland, New Zealand

More summits are planned in Denmark, France, Sweden and the UK amongst others. Upcoming summit dates & locations will be added to our event page as we move forward in time.

What's on the agenda?

At the summit you will be able to listen to technical sessions presented by our core developers, who will show you how you can test your site with Varnish Test or how to profile your micro services with our latest addition, Zipnish. As Varnish Software is all about performance, we will also talk about how your website can achieve this best and introduce you to Massive Storage Engine 2.0.

We will of course speak about the Varnish API Engine 2.0 as well, which is capable of handling 23.000 API calls per second. In addition, we will continue to have parallel sessions which will be dedicated to new and to advanced Varnish users, so that everyone gets the most out of it.

Last but not least, guest speaker will share commercial and technical insights by presenting how Varnish Plus is used in their company, how it was customised and for what purpose.

What's with the beer theme?

After coding and digital content delivery, our biggest passion is beer brewing, and since the Varnish Summits are about sharing our knowledge and passion, we want to make these events more fun and share our side-project with you as well. In 2015 we subtly introduced this theme by choosing venue locations which were related to beer: Heineken in Amsterdam, the Brewery in London and the Freys Hotel in Stockholm which had a selection of several hundred types of Belgian beers.

In 2016 you will get a sneaky peek into Varnish's office-brewing activities and you will be invited to explore the local craft beers with us at each venue. Just like software developing, brewing is an art which involves home-built tools, patience, testing, releasing and performing.


Registrations are now open to participate at the Summits. We are looking forward to seeing you again!

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