May 30, 2017
2 min read time

Replacing Adobe dispatcher in AEM with Varnish Plus


Some time ago, we wrote about the possibility of replacing the Adobe dispatcher with Varnish.

The focus was on flexible cache invalidation and the need to be able to specify caching and flushing rules with very fine, granular configurations. Adobe Experience Manager, of which the Adobe dispatcher is a part, is a fine CMS when standard rules or needs apply but has limitations when it comes to defining and implementing specific logic. Adobe dispatcher only caches documents but not the HTTP responses, which is what creates a lot of extra back-and-forth work behind the scenes. Replacing Adobe dispatcher with advanced caching solutions adds several benefits. This kind of replacement is not needed for everyone, but for users that need hands-on, flexible, on-the-fly control over invalidation, Varnish Plus has the solution.

Many customers, particularly those in finance, media and e-commerce, require solutions that go beyond the “standard rules” Adobe dispatcher allows for. Complex configurability that allows for advanced, granular cache invalidation, excludes from cache, blacklisting, “smart bans”, purging, etc. gives companies the ability to perform scalable cache invalidation. 

Real-world implementation

Needing more fine-grained control over caching logic, a large multinational financial services holding company sought a way to move their security logic, such as blacklisting, out of Adobe dispatcher and into Varnish.

New to Varnish as a whole, the company approached Varnish Software seeking end-to-end support in helping them get the dispatcher replacement configured properly and running smoothly as a part of their operational environment. With Varnish Professional Services, the company was able to: 

  • Get started with Varnish Plus
  • Get help with their initial configuration
  • Get more flexibility and better control over their caching logic by migrating from Adobe dispatcher to Varnish

For the company, Varnish Professional Services offered a seamless, expert transition to a solution that gave them control over their caching, and with Varnish Plus they achieved improved efficiency and performance. Don't hesitate to get in touch here. Let us help you with a similar transition.