Let’s go surfin’ now – everybody’s learnin’ how: Surfline case study published

Learn how Surfline implemented Varnish Cache and Varnish Plus to deliver the best user experience while riding the waves of speed and flexibility

One of the most rewarding parts of working at Varnish Software is seeing how companies of all different types and sizes handle their web traffic, particularly unusual spikes, while still providing a solid and seamless user experience. One such company, Surfline, based in California, needed to find a scalable web caching solution that would give them the flexibility to keep growing.

Surfline, a company offering premium surf and ocean video and editorial content and forecasts, is primarily geared toward the surf community and ocean-activity enthusiasts. But in extreme weather conditions, such as Hurricane Marie in 2014, Surfline, which operates the world’s largest streaming coastal HD cam network, sees its audience increase up to four or five times its normal size. Much of this demand comes from major media outlets, including stalwarts like CNN and even the Weather Channel – meaning that Surfline is the go-to source for in-depth, real-time data during dramatic weather events.

Keeping Surfline’s unprecedented on-the-ground, live visual access running smoothly in real-time is a technical challenge. In part, the challenge has been met by implementing Varnish PlusWe are pleased to be able to share the story of Surfline’s success.

To learn about how Surfline met its unique challenges and have used Varnish Plus to realize performance enhancements, ensure uninterrupted and fast user experiences and reduce the need for significant hardware and infrastructure investments, download the full case study.

Image is (c) 2008 Jean-Marc Astesana used under CC license.

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8/19/15 11:19 AM by Erika Wolfe

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