September 8, 2015
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An update for the Varnish Administration Console

What's new?

Now with the latest version of the Varnish Administration Console, we not only provide live data statistics, but also allow you to look closely at what has happened in your setup, providing different metrics and aggregation functions within each group.

With the VCL History feature you can edit and deploy your VCL and keep track of its different versions. VCL history is available for when you edit and deploy your VCL in the VAC and need to keep track of the changes.

Other improvements include a couple of new visualizations, better management of the groups across pages, and the usual bug fixes.Also since 3.0.4 the VAC allows a read-only that allows you to share the VAC stats without compromising your existing configuration.

How to take advantage of Varnish Administration Console

If you have an existing Varnish Plus subscription, simply update your Varnish Administration Console package, and you will have the new version right away. If you don't have an existing Varnish Plus subscription, please contact us for more information.

You can also host a live demo of the VAC, and you can find out more here.

See VAC in action

If you have suggestions that you would like to see in the VAC drop us a line.

Image (c) 2014 Stephen Donaghy used under Creative Commons license.